3. This group came to sing at my church yesterday evening, and since they sang this song I cannot get it off of my heart. It is so powerful and relevant in my life right now.
    Have a listen and I pray it impacts you as it has me.

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  4. forevercemetery:

    if you’re thinking something nice about someone you should always say it

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  5. darabankole:


    We sleep apart
    For the last time
    For the last time

    I dream
    To hold you in my arms
    I dream
    To hold you in my arms
    To hold you in my arms
    Wide awake
    In my arms

    I think I figured it out, we need to be together
    Like the shore and the sea
    We are not one thing, we’re joined here together
    My ocean and me

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  7. jspark3000:

    In Heaven, there will only be one person with scars. You’ll have none because he’ll have taken yours.
    — J

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    alive and free, by Summer Breeze

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    Fiordland National Park, New Zealand by Hannah Davis

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  11. tblaberge:

    Todd’s Late Night Jam: Dry the River is back, and just as beautiful as ever.

  12. First light in the Canyon was extremely cold, but such a beautiful site to see.

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  14. heartbeatofatwentysomething:

    how comforting it is to know that when i am overwhelmed, God is not. when i am confused, He is clear and calm. when all my prayers are, “hey. i don’t even know what to pray so i’m just going to sit here with you for a while,” He is near.

    that’s enough.

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